Cream Cheese & Jalapeño Stuffed Chicken Breast

smokedchickenI tried a new recipe tonight for dinner with the kids. Cream Cheese & Jalapeño Stuffed Chicken Breast from “”. It was a great meal to serve for a family gathering.

This was fun to make and very tasty. The chicken was extremely moist. This was my first time making this recipe, but defiantly not the last.

I used pecan chips in my electric smoker.

So I’ll try to walk you through a couple of things I learned in the process. The first thing I noticed it that I used fairly large chicken breasts and didn’t pound them down or try to flatten them. I think next time I will press the chicken breasts so that they are a bit more flexible and hopefully to be able to add more of the cream cheese and jalapeño stuffing. I’m not one skimp on cream cheese and jalapeño anything. The other thing I learned is that wrapping the bacon is key. I overlapped bacon on bacon and because of that the pieces that were covered didn’t really cook well enough to eat. The strange thing is that even though I used “all that bacon” a lot of the cheese and pepper mixture leaked out of the chicken. Perhaps next time if I “cut a pocket” in the chicken breast and put the mixture in it, that would help keep the mixture in the chicken, even with less bacon.

The last thing I should talk about is a bit embarrassing. I am usually the one who says to keep the amount of smoke on the lesser side. (see post on flavor and wood.) I am still figuring out my Masterbuilt 40 inch smoker. What I did wrong was I added chips to the smoker to start and then added more over  the next 40 minutes. This caused the chicken and bacon to be overpowered by the smoke flavor. I didn’t think this would happen because I used pecan chips rather than oak or hickory chips.  So when I try this recipe again I will try to “pre-smoke” the smoker. I know that with chicken and bacon it is easily overpowered because they are so absorbent they grab the flavor of smoke and they are easily over smoked.

These are just a few thoughts one a great meal, a great recipe and a great time.


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