Know Your Pork Parts

Purchasing Pork: Identifying Fresh Pork Cuts

I found this  on a website produced by the National Pork Board. It will help you know your pork parts as it details all the cuts of pork. The site has great recipes and information about the nutritional value of pork as well as tips on how to prepare the meat before cooking it.

What I find really interesting is the way they separate the cuts.  Most charts I’ve seen over the years are shown in the shape and outline of the animal. So what you see is an artist’s rendition of the area of the pig the meat comes from and it’s broader name. This is okay if you’re just curious about where on the animal the meat is located.

I appreciate this chart because its focus in on the meat itself and the way we would shop for the cut. To be blunt, a lot of times I don’t want to know “where” on the animal the food originates. Maybe that’s the non-country boy in me. Or maybe it’s simply not important. What is important is knowing the name of the cut I am looking for before I head to the market.

I hope this chart is helpful to you as well. (Click on the image and it will open the PDF which you can save or print.)

Thanks to the National Pork Board for such a great resource.



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