Lessons From Mistakes

Lessons from mistakesLong ago I was told that when we are able to learn from our mistakes they change from mistakes to lessons. This is what happened to me the other day when I saw an add on my Winn Dixie app. They were advertising “Baby Back Ribs” for $2.99 per pound. At every step I saw yellow or red flags and ignored them all. First the ribs were “previously frozen” which is real challenge to tender ribs. But at this price… well I bought 3 racks/packs thinking I can make this work. The next flag was that the ribs were a lot larger than the baby back ribs I get in a restaurant or have purchased before. When trimming the racks and applying the rub I really noticed they were more like a St. Louis rib than baby back. Again I thought “I can make this work.”

So with those flags and the kids coming for dinner at 6:00 I allowed myself to make some really poor decisions. First was to forego the use of a Texas Crutch. This isn’t usually needed but when the ribs had been throwing flags from the beginning, it was a mistake to skip this part. Finally, the last poor decision was to move the ribs to the grill the last 30 minutes and apply a decent barbecue sauce. Allowing myself to be rushed I didn’t wait for the coals on the grill to burn down. The result was a very hot grill which ended up charing the ends of the ribs and causing the sugar in the sauce to burn hot.

When I can see the wrong turns I’ve taken I’m less likely to make them again. When there are lessons learned from mistakes the future has a happier ending. The lessons I learned from this “Rib Run” is to not ignore the flags when they fly.

The family enjoyed the ribs and were kind enough to tell me what was not great about them; their honesty is something I can NOT do without.

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